These days, everybody is flying this way and that, trying to keep pace with their busy lifestyles. When it comes to dental restorations, not many people want to get a temporary restoration and then have to return to the office three weeks later for another appointment. It’s just not practical for an on-the-go lifestyle. For this reason, we’ve been utilizing CEREC® technology since 2004 to offer our patients the opportunity to receive dental crowns or onlays in just one visit.

To put the efficiency and convenience of this technique into perspective, here’s an example:

Let’s say you come into our office seeking a restoration for a damaged tooth. Under normal circumstances, the time it takes to receive a permanent tooth restoration may simply be a nuisance for you. However, this time it’s more of an issue because you happen to be traveling for business the following day and plan to be out of town for several weeks. So, what’s the solution? CEREC®.

With CEREC® same day restorations, you would visit our office and receive a permanent crown or onlay in one visit, without having to deal with any temporary restorations. While you sit comfortably in your chair, we would capture a digital impression of your teeth in about 30 seconds (a much shorter and more pleasant experience than using the goos and putties necessary for traditional impressions). Then, after creating a 3D model of your tooth on a computer screen, we would design, mill, and permanently bond your customized restoration to your tooth. Due to the precision of CEREC® technology, the entire process would be completed that same day with no need for adjustments to the permanent restoration. In this scenario, you’d be able to leave for your business trip the next day without having to worry about caring for a temporary restoration or scheduling a second dental visit when you returned.

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