Do you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth when you smile? At Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, our experienced cosmetic dentists offer smile makeover treatments designed to help patients revitalize their smiles and feel more confident in the way they look. In light of this popular procedure, we recently sat down with Dr. David I. Schor to discuss the process for developing a smile makeover treatment plan at our New Jersey cosmetic dentistry practice. Read our Q&A with Dr. Schor below to learn how a smile makeover can be customized to help you achieve your goals.
Smile Makeover Plan

Q: Does a patient come into the initial consultation looking for a complete makeover? Or do you and the patient arrive at this path after listening to their concerns and goals?

Patients who come to Imagine Advanced Dental Arts for Smile Makeovers are typically looking to enhance or improve one, or all, things about their smiles. Although Smile Makeovers are meant to remedy dental problems, my team and I are dedicated to helping our patients create a smile that best complements their personalities and empowers their self-esteem. A smile is a beaming reflection of one’s self assurance, and when patients aren’t happy with their smile, it can have the power to affect nearly every aspect of their lives. The decision to have a smile makeover is an important one, and it’s crucial to make sure the changes our patients’ want are the changes they get.

Q: Briefly describe the process of creating a smile makeover plan. How do you incorporate what the patient tells you and is concerned about?

A smile makeover is a transformation which takes some planning and clinical expertise. Upon meeting a patient and listening to their concerns, our doctors and cosmetic professionals educate them on the options available and customize a specific treatment plan.

The patient and cosmetic team discuss at length the desires of the patient using before- and-after photos, shade analysis, intraoral videos and diagnostic wax-ups in order to determine the optimum treatment for each individual to achieve their best smile.

Q: What are the most common stages of treatment for a smile makeover?

There are several elements that go into a smile makeover. The doctors start with a diagnostic wax-up which is where the smile design begins. Our cosmetic team takes a series of digital photos and impressions which are sent to our cosmetic laboratory where, together, we design the ideal shape, size, and shade of our patients’ teeth. Initially designed in wax, the patient can visualize and finalize the result before we even begin. The patient then returns for the preparation and temporization visit, and in a few short weeks, the final case is back from the lab and delivered to the patient.

Q: From the initial consultation, how long does the typical smile makeover take to complete?

The whole process from the start of the initial smile consultation to the amazing “WOW” finish is less than two months – a remarkably short time to change their smile and ultimately change their lives.

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