Dr. David Schor, one of our experienced cosmetic dentists in New Jersey, discusses helping patients overcome dental fears and anxieties here at Imagine Advanced Dental Arts.

At Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, we treat each of our patients as an individual – not just a number. Fear of the dentist can come from many sources, but little of it is rooted in reality. Our goal is always to prove to the patient that they made the right choice by electing to visit our office. I am always as gentle as possible with patients, and my favorite thing to hear a patient say after a procedure is, “That’s it?” or “I can’t believe it’s over already!”.

We pride ourselves on caring for our patients starting with their initial phone call. When patients choose to wait for treatment until they have a severe dental problem due to fear of pain or expense, they risk facing much more complicated—and expensive—procedures that may become necessary later on. Using modern technologies, such as painless injections, we strive to make each experience as easy as possible for the patient.

I believe that the source of most people’s dental fear comes from other people who have had bad experiences. Fear of the dentist has a long history and can be traced back centuries to when visiting the dentist actually did hurt patients because the technology was so primitive. Dental fear has been ingrained in our culture and reinforced by the media, but that fear is no longer based in reality. When people avoid dental treatment out of fear, getting them to the office is the first step in alleviating that fear– which is why, at our practice, our customer care begins with that first phone call.

To learn more about techniques we can use to help you experience the most relaxed and comfortable treatment possible, please contact our office today.

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