It’s easy to forget a thing or two in the chaos that often surrounds getting kids ready for the start of a new school year. At Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, we don’t want your child’s oral hygiene to be one of the responsibilities that gets lost in the mix, which is why our cosmetic dentists have put together a few tips that can help ensure your children’s teeth remain healthy and free of cavities throughout the school year.

  1. Have kids brush prior to eating breakfast – While brushing before eating may seem odd, it actually serves two benefits. From an oral health standpoint, brushing before consuming food helps to prevent the pH of the mouth from becoming too acidic, which is an environment in which cavities tend to form. From a practical standpoint, there is little time to spare in the mornings, so establishing the habit of brushing prior to breakfast can help make sure your kids have cleaned their teeth whether they eat at home or on the way to school.

  3. Take diet into consideration – Most meals available in school cafeterias consist of processed and/or sugary foods, both of which are detrimental to oral (and even overall) health if eaten regularly. By packing your child’s lunch, you can help to ensure they are eating nutritious foods that promote oral and total body wellness. We also recommend staying away from packaged foods that are high in starch, as starch can coat the teeth and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

  5. Provide water instead of juice and/or soft drinks – It’s no secret that many kids prefer sugary liquids like juice boxes and soft drinks over water, but these options are not ideal for maintaining good oral health. The extremely high sugar content of most juices and sodas can be greatly detrimental to teeth, ultimately promoting decay when consumed regularly. On the other hand, water is not only harmless to the teeth, it is also incredibly beneficial for your child’s brain function and development.

  7. Have kids wear a mouthguard for contact sports – If your child plays a sport that involves any degree of contact, you may want to consider getting him or her a customized mouthguard. By doing so, you can help prevent tooth damage that might be caused by the impact of something—such as a shoulder or a ball—hitting them in the mouth.

  9. Continue routine dental visits – Last but not least, don’t forget to take your kids to the dentist at least two times a year for routine dental cleanings. No matter how often your child brushes, flosses, or takes preventative measures, a thorough cleaning performed by an experienced dentist and his or her team is necessary to eliminate the buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria in the mouth.

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