For many adults, visiting the dentist can evoke feelings of stress and worry. At Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, we go to great lengths to ensure patient comfort and safety. Below, one of our patient’s shares perspective on the experience at our office.

“Since my first visit 8 months ago, my experience with Imagine Dental Arts continues to be my best experience in dental health care to date. The dental health issues I am now addressing at IDA are a result of neglect due to my past resistance to maintenance and treatment, resistance that existed because of poor experiences with other dental care providers. I truly believe that these issues would have been prevented had I been a patient at IDA earlier. The IDA facility and staff create an environment of wellness that adheres to the highest standards of care, making the patient feel comfortable, safe and confident in outcomes. The IDA dental health care experience is truly the model for what dental health care should be and I encourage everyone to access care at this office. I actually look forward to my visits to IDA – THAT is a first for me!”

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