New Six Month Smiles Logo (transparent)Six Month Smiles® is a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment that is designed to deliver beautiful results in significantly less time than traditional metal braces. At Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, this method of straightening the teeth is popular among patients who know they have a meaningful life event in the near future, such as a graduation, vacation, or wedding; however, an abbreviated treatment time is only one advantage of these innovative braces. Additional benefits of Six Month Smiles® include:

  • Clear brackets
  • Tooth-colored wires
  • Less force to realign teeth
  • Increased comfort

Since these braces are much less conspicuous than traditional metal alternatives, patients often feel less self-conscious and more confident during treatment. The advanced technology used to create Six Month Smiles® is also designed to maximize patient comfort while effectively, efficiently, and gently guiding your teeth toward their ideal position. Compared to other alternatives, Six Month Smiles® is considered one of the more affordable ways in which you can achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dr. David Schor

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