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According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, approximately 48,250 Americans will receive an oral or pharyngeal cancer diagnosis in 2016. When left unidentified and untreated, these cancers can spread into other areas of the body and eventually become lethal. The good news is, when caught early before cancer cells have the chance to spread, the success of treatment and rate of survival significantly increases.

In support of April being Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. David I. Schor and our team at Imagine Advanced Dental Arts encourage you and your loved ones to join in the fight against oral cancer by scheduling an oral cancer screening! Using advanced VELscope® technology, our dentists can look for and identify carcinogenic indicators more quickly and effectively than ever before. During this non-invasive screening process, the innovative VELscope® system employs a special light designed to illuminate suspicious tissues within the mouth that can often be missed by the naked eye. Taking only about two minutes, the entire exam is completely painless and can be easily performed in conjunction with a regular dental visit.

For individuals who smoke or use other tobacco products, we advise undergoing an oral cancer screening a minimum of twice a year. For those who do not use tobacco, an exam at least once a year is generally recommended. Regardless of your lifestyle habits, however, we urge you to always keep this in mind: early detection can be key to the successful treatment of oral cancer.
To learn more about oral cancer and screenings, or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment at our office, please contact us today.

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